Message from the Endangered Wildlife Trust

Twenty-twenty has been a year of hardship for all. It has also proved to be a year wherein determination and innovation have proved to be highly necessary. Importantly, it may also have finally sparked a broader recognition by governments, business, and the public at large, that human wellbeing is inextricably linked to planetary health and that significant system changes are required to ensure survival. The Endangered Wildlife Trust has not been immune to the effects of the pandemic and the impact on our planet. However, the current status has demonstrated that we need to do even more to protect our planet and be mindful of the effects of consumerism. The EWT continues to commit to a holistic approach to conservation, particularly the nexus between people and the environment. The EWT maintains its standing through applied research and scientific rigour, support of local communities through conservation and alternative livelihoods, negating issues of human-wildlife conflict, supporting and promoting the protection of critical habitats, providing training and support, and proudly highlighting the connection between people and the world around them. The EWT is proud to be a partner of The Conservation Symposium, where we welcome knowledge dissemination, fruitful debate, and participation of all those in the conservation sector – towards finding the solutions necessary to avoid the 'business-as-usual' behaviours that are the cause of unprecedented biodiversity loss and the current pandemic crisis.

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